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So far So good

Don't see results, too soon, But feeling good about product.

Navi Hair Growth Serum

I actually seen a difference in the first couple of days I could see my baby he is growing back I am a female and from pulling my hair back wearing a baseball cap it started to pull at my hairline I was losing my hair I can see my hair growing back I got my hairline back and ecstatic. I also bought two mens solution but my two sons and my oldest son I can see a difference he had a receding hairline his hair is growing back his hair is actually getting longer so what a difference I really am pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend it worked for me & son's in my opinion. I hope it works the same if you try, but I can't see that it wouldn't.

Eds Navi hair review

I gave there products very high grade hair has thicker and better

I love both! Of them! They don’t last me much, probably I’m using too much? But I like them.


I have some thinning but to most it looks like a full head of hair. We know ourselves best and I am hoping to see some thickening. I’ve been using the Roller for about a month and I know it will take time. I like the Daily Shampoo and will try the hi-test version soon. I have switched from a competitor who I felt was not as concerned about the customer. We shall see. Frank in Colorado

Best shampoos and conditioner

Makes your hair feel clean, smells good and is helping with hair loss. best products you can buy

Seems to be working quite well and has lots of lather

Thank you

My order was very good and coming on time

Love it.

Does not dry out my hair or scalp. Smells wonderful. Leaves hair manageable!

Navi Professional Restore Hair Regrowth Shampoo & Hydrating Conditioner Set with Biotin & Keratin - 16 oz set / 32 oz

I’m very happy to have tried this product; it’s great!


Very pleased with the shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never been thicker or healthier!

Keep using it and expect results! Simple to use and effective.

Amazingly Ideal

Amazingly, Ideal for my practice. It works well with my detox system and Is now a part of my home maintenance system for clients.


So far, so good! I'm loving the way my scalp and hair feels after using the shampoo(s) and conditioner.

So happy I tried Navi

With a ton of products touting hair regrowth, it's been a struggle finding one that actually works for me. I have to say that I'm really impressed with the Navi products. After three months of use, the hair on my head is starting to look fuller. So pumped! Even my girlfriend noticed!

Great Customer Service

Prompt delivery and very quick to rectify a discrepancy with my order.