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Based on 42 reviews
Works for me.

It takes 3 mos. before you see minor result in the meantime, I keep using this product as it shows some promise in my hair growing.

Navi professional

I’m really not sure as of yet, I can say it has a really pleasant smell and foams up very fast but I need a little more time. Thank you

I think I found the best shampoo and conditioner ever because since I start use it my hair stop f...

I love the way my hair feel and look and yes I will recommended is stop my
hair fall out thanks to this products. I buy it again.

results of daily restore shampoo

I do like the daily restore shampoo as feels good on the hair. I actually have used the professional restore shampoo and the hydrating conditioner more and am quite satisfied with those products and am hoping front, center and sides will get hair growth.

30 Day product review

The shampoo and conditioner are well received. The conditioner is very good on leaving my hair soft and manageable.

I am loving the volume

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about two weeks now my hair feels like there’s more volume and I’m excited to see some hair growth

5 Months and I am seeing awesome results

I was able to start use of this approximately 5 months ago after the testing had been completed and am so glad I was able to get a jump start on this. I use this treatment twice a day every day and have seen growth! I have fine hairs that started coming in quite rapidly and then started to fall away after a few weeks but now they have started coming through thicker in the last approximately two weeks! So happy to be seeing results! Thanks!

Super Fast Shipping

Bought the first three bottles, daily shampoo, professional shampoo, and conditioner. Three weeks later ordered three more plus the derm roller, and today ordered three 5% Minoxidil Hair Growth Treatment. Very Satisfied.


Works very well. My hair looks and feels so much healthier. I will definitely be ordering again.

No hair fallout what so ever . So far so good very impressed also started derma rolling this week

This Stuff Really Works!!

I still can't believe it. My hair is actually growing. Just ask my girlfriend and hair dresser. They both have seen thinning hair get thicker. If you are losing your hair, you need to give this a shot. The Team at Navi Hair are first class. They stand behind their products and have amazing ingredients that actually help make your hair healthier and make it grow. I am a customer for life.

Thicker more manageable Hair

If anyone suffers from fine limp hair, this is the product for you. Since I have been using Navi Hair products my hair is thicker, manageable and shiny.
Thank you,
Susan C

So Far So Good

I started using the professional Navi Blocker followed by the conditioner Rehydrating conditioner day one. Day two and three I used the daily Navi Blocker followed by the same conditioner leaving my hair soft and manageable. I noticed my hair more thicker after each use. So far I like what I see and feel. Hopefully my hair will begin to grow back where it’s thinned out. Because I haven’t seen hair falling out. So far so good.

Very nice stuff!

Only used for two weeks now and my hair is more hydrated and less hair loss!

Have to try!

I have been very skeptical about anything helping me with my hair loss. Since trying this my hair is already thicker and I am not losing near as much. I am thrilled with the results!

Smells Great

These products smell great. They don't have the clinical smell like other shampoo & conditioners I have tried in the past. I know It's working because I've noticed my hair to have gotten thick in the last few months and there is less hair in the shower these days.

Love the Pro!

I've been using the Professional Shampoo for a few months and have already noticed my hair to be thicker and healthier. I will continue to use your products. I'm excited to see new growth that is yet to come.


I was using another company's products for hair restoration but over the last 6 months to a year their formula must have changed, and it became very waxy and heavy on my hair. I started using Navi's shampoo and conditioner and on the first shampoo & condition I noticed an immediate positive difference! I love them both, but the conditioner is everything I have been looking for. Its scent is light and pleasant, and it has the most awesome ingredients. It does not leave my hair feeling like it is covered in oils, but it feels so naturally? hydrated and clean. Now after a few months my hair looks so much better in general. Clean and shiny and has so much movement. I can also already notice it feels thicker and fuller than before. It is still early but so far; I am loving it!


I have been using Navi Shampoo for nearly 5 months. My hair stopped falling out within the first few weeks and recently I have started seeing new growth. Thank you!