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 For approximately 5 years Navi Hair Solutions has worked closely with the industry’s leading hair loss experts in developing a formula that is both safe and effective for men and women struggling with hair loss, among other hair and scalp related issues.  We have worked hard to formulate our products using the best possible sourced ingredients.  Our primary focus is preventing hair loss, restoration of lost hair and renewal of hair and scalp health for thicker hair and denser count. 

Unlike many other products on the market, we use clinically proven ingredients to develop our science backed formula.  First and foremost, we take pride in our line, delivering you the best quality products available over the counter for your hair restoration needs.  Not only do our products contain powerful DHT blockers to help halt DHT from negatively affecting your hair growth, but they also contain many anti-fungals, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals known to help you grown healthier, thicker, fuller hair and maintain a healthy scalp.  A health scalp promotes healthy hair growth!

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