Winter Hair! How do you compare?

Winter Hair! How do you compare?

Many of us are amid colder temperatures due to the seasons.  If this is the case for you, take advantage of some information and tips regarding “Winter Hair”.  Proper care for your hair during the winter can improve the overall look, feel and health of your hair!  

What Happens To Hair In The Cold?

If you notice a difference in the texture and look of your hair during the colder season, you are not alone!

Studies show that, in colder temperatures, the scalp does not produce as much of the natural oils that it normally does during warmer months, causing your hair to become dry.  In the winter the hair and scalp tend to be much more dry than you may usually experience causing breakage due to brittle hair. 


Moisturize!     Hydrate!     Protect!


How do you care for your hair in the winter?

Here are a few recommendations to help combat the dreaded winter hair!




Hats can be very helpful to your hair year-round!  They help protect your hair from harmful UV rays in the warmer months, but in the colder months they also help draw out the natural oils your scalp produces!  Not to mention that you can make a fashion statement!



Scarves not only keep your neck warm, but they can protect your hair from the elements; like drier air, wind damage and UV rays. They help minimize exposure to harsh, cold air and a scarf can help prevent hair fibers from becoming too dry, which leads to breakage. They also help draw out the naturals produced by your scalp!



Keeping hair properly hydrated and moisturized is even more important during colder months.  If you are not already using a conditioner, like Navi Hydrating Restore Conditioner, adding it to your hair care regimen is great way to help protect your hair against harsh elements.  When looking for a conditioner, be sure to incorporate a product that has no parabens, sulfates, or harsh ingredients.  Look for a conditioner that has essential and natural oils, such as peppermint, jojoba, argan and/or avocado oil.  These will help moisturize your hair and scalp.  Aloe Vera is also something you may want to look for as it is one of the most effective naturally hydrating ingredients that you can use.



Yes!  We said wash your hair and wash it often!  How often should you wash your hair in the winter?  As we mentioned in a previous blog, so long as the hair care products you are using do not contain sulfates, parabens and other harmful, artificial ingredients, washing your hair every day is the best! Using Navi Hair Restore Shampoo and Navi Hydrating Restore Conditioner will help prevent shedding, breakage, and winter damage.



Once again, protecting your hair from the elements and using products that moisturize and hydrate your hair and scalp are going to be most beneficial to keep your locks strong and healthy! Wash your hair (and condition it!) with the right products!  We have all been known to be enticed by fancy packaging and advertising at least once or twice, but remember it is what is in the bottle that is important!  Make sure to research what you are buying!  Pretty labels do not necessarily make for pretty hair!



The hairstyles that you maintain during the colder season can affect your hairs' health and ability to withstand damage from the elements.  If possible, try to avoid hairstyles in the winter that do not inflict stress or strain on the hair and scalp, such as tight ponytails, braids, twists, and knots. Avoiding these types of hair styles, when possible, will help to further minimize breakage.  Go natural and show off that mane!


While a proper hair care regimen is crucial year-round, it can be even more important during the colder, winter months.  Put some of those tips above to the test and give Navi Hair Solutions a try to best promote healthy, strong and thick hair.